The Boats

Spy Hop

But why is the run gone

“Spy Hop” is the action of an animal sticking its head straight out of the water.  I think of Orcas but sharks and dolphins do as well.  The boat is an O’Day Daysailer. She was built in 1969 and is 17 feet long.  There is as little cuddy cabin with room for some storage up in the bow.  She is definitely not a big boat but she is plenty big enough for our day sailing and sail camping goals.  We have her on a wait list for a handful of different moorings so that she can live ready to sail in the water.  But, for the time being she will live on the trailer and be freed when we take her sailing.



Tiger is a Hobie 14.  She was built in the early 70’s and despite being abused by earlier owners has survived rather well.  When we bought her in 2012 we did have to do a good amount of maintenance too here.  Not the least of which was to remove a couple layers of paint that earlier owners had applied.  When I see the early pictures of her I still do a double take and wonder if it is the same boat.  Tiger was built before the 14 had the “Turbo” option.  But, previous owners had partially upgraded her to “Turbo” level, not the least of which is the addition of the jib.  Still in the works are a dolphin striker and trapeze kit.  But, the Tiger is fast and fun!  Part of the enjoyment of having a Hobie is most people will stop and want to talk about them, which is definitely fun.


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