I guess it is winter finally

Iced over boat launch

I must admit that I have procrastinated a little bit too long with starting some of my winter projects.  And that has resulted in winter winning to a degree.  This winter seemed rather mild until the end of last month, and over the last few weeks we have had more than our fair share of snow.   So, my willingness to go out and work on the boat is pretty much gone for now, especially if it means that I need to go out and lay in the snow.

That being said, earlier I had mentioned that there were a few projects that I wanted to accomplish on Spy Hop this winter.  Modified coamings, a tiller extension, and hiking straps.  All but the the hiking straps were accomplished before the end of last years sailing, so to a degree I am ahead of the game I suppose.  There are a few other projects that I want to complete before next sailing season though.  In addition to the hiking straps for Spy Hop I want to add navigation lights.

While it is legal in Massachusetts to sail Tiger after sunset with out nav lights it isn’t legal for Spy Hop to be out in the dark without lights.  The three additional feet on Spy Hop make the difference in this state.  (Oh, and the motor would requires lights as well.)  Asya and I try to be back at the dock by the time the sun sets we have failed too many times not to consider nav lights.  Ok, nav lights might be overkill for a 17ft boat but I believe that the additional safety will be worth it.  And when paired with good spot light sunset shouldn’t be a hard limiting factor anymore.

However, just because I want an electrical system doesn’t meant that it is an easy thing to achieve.  I have done a little electrical work in the past however not a huge amount and never from scratch.  So while the snow keeps me away from the boat for a while I can plan a way to add lights to Spy Hop and possibly learn a bit along the way.  I suppose that is the benefit of winter, having the time to do the research and plan how to accomplish boat projects.