Apples and Upstate

One of the many great things about growing up in Upstate NY is apple picking season. For my sister and I apple picking was always a fun day climbing trees, substituting apples for snowballs and generally causing trouble while my parents were hard at work actually gathering a harvest for home.

Where we live in Cape Cod there are no apple farms (though we do have a few vineyards!) so I was especially excited returning home for the holidays when my Mom brought out a huge bag of freshly picked apples to turn into Thanksgiving dinner apple crisp.

Today, while waiting for dinner to cook, I decided to make my own batch and was surprised at how quick the desert was to pull together.

Heading further down memory lane I realized that chopping apples tends to remind me of high school when my best friend and I used to bake apple pies as thank you gifts for small favors – such as when my Dad spent an afternoon spent showing her how to change the oil in a car and received a homemade apple pie the next day in return. Much more of an Upstate New York thank you than any gift certificate!Image