Opps, we bought a new boat

Ok, so it wasn’t really an accident. In fact there have been plans for a second boat for a while.  We took our time deciding on what kind of boat to get and weighed our options ranging from a Hobie 16 up to a Catalina 22.  For the time being we are limited to trailer sailing, and that alone became a key part in the boat we could get.  After weighing our options we decided on an O’Day Daysailer, a 17 footer with a centerboard and a cuddy cabin.  A large part of our decision to go with the Daysailer is its popularity and the fact that it is still being produced here in Massachusetts.  Our particular DS I has been christened Spy Hop.


O'day Daysailer, trailer sailor, sailing, sailboat, sailing cape cod
Setting up for the first sail of the year. Photo by Asya.

The version we have is an older DS I built by O’Day before they went out of business.  Today the Daysailer is built by Cape Cod Shipbuilding, not by O’Day.  Despite her age Spy Hop seems to be well cared for and is in rather good condition for an older boat. Though having said that I am sure I will have my fair share of problems with this new boat, like with any boat.

Future problems aside, l’m having a lot of fun with the new boat.  The Daysailer is different enough from other boats I’ve sailed that it is a nice challenge to figure out the rigging.  But, a big thrill at this point is the sound of raising the main sail.  Spy Hop has the same type of clatter when raising the sails as the Catalina that I learned to sail on.  Hearing that sound took me back to the summers in middle school when my Grandpa taught me how to sail.  That alone is pretty special to me, and something of a dream come true.


Trailer Troubles

Bearing race after being dislodged from the spindle.

Sailing season is here again, so it’s time to catch up on last minute boat projects.  Thankfully the list isn’t huge this year, just some improvements and spring cleaning. Actually Tiger’s biggest issue is her trailer not any particular part of the boat.  Sure, the hulls could use a patch here or there and both could use a good polishing to bring back some life.  The big thing for the boat will end up being a new dolphin striker and trapeze kit.  But, all these changes don’t mean a lot if the boat can’t get into the water and doing that requires a trailer.

The problem with the trailer is a common one, the bearings have gone bad. Complicating the situation is that one of the bearing races seized to the spindle. So, what should have been a straight forward bearing replacement turned into quite an adventure. I tried several methods in trying to remove the race.  Heat sounded the most promising option but heat alone didn’t get the mission accomplished.  I ended up using a grinder to grind a notch into the race (being very careful not to grind the spindle.)  Using a cold chisel and a hammer I hammered on the notch to rotate the race to get it to break free of the spindle.  That method along with heat worked.  Now just to rebuild and re-install everything and Tiger should be good for the road.