October Sailing

Sunset sailing Hobie 14
Sunset in Barnstable Harbor

Summer with Tiger was simply too much fun, so as it became apparent that summer was ending and fall was upon us we decided drastic measures needed to be taken to extend the sailing season.  Wetsuits were added to our sailing gear.  Honestly, as we progressed away from sailing on lakes and spent more time in somewhat open water we should have added some level of protection earlier.  Better late than never though.  With the addition of diving booties and a wind breaker there are times when we are almost too warm.  It is a little complicated trying to find cold weather gear for Hobie Cat sailing.  On the one hand the boat is rather wet, on the other hand the boat is rather dry so there is a bit of a balancing act that needs to happen.  Personally (thus far) a full body wetsuit, diving booties, and windbreaker under my lifejacket have done the trick.  I also wear a hat which definitely helps even though it is an Aussie hat rather than a wool cap but it is better than nothing.  Even with a bunch of gear I highly recommend not pushing the cold line.  If your out on the water and start to get fatigued and cold now you’re in a situation that can get ugly quickly.

All disclaimers aside the sailing on Cape Cod in October has been wonderful!  Since most of the tourists are gone for the season and most moorings are either empty or have been removed sailing has been excellent.  We have been sailing out of Barnstable harbor and have discovered a new playground.  There are a few things to look out for, primarily tides and sand bars but with a shallow draft boat that hasn’t been too big of a problem.  So this late in the sailing season we aren’t quite ready to winterize the boat and hang up the wet suits till next year.

Hobie Cat mast step