Vestas Sailrocket

Speed is a fickle mistress when sailing.  It was a fantastic feeling the first time our hobie 14 was caught by a wind gust.  But that wind gust got us up to a speed of maybe 7 knots (probably less) which is hardly record breaking.  However, the Vestas Sailrocket 2 seems to have mastered the art of sailing fast.  Not only has the team behind the Sailrocket managed to develop a brilliant looking boat, but were also able to achieve a world record average speed of 65.45kts!!

This is simply incredible . . .

There is loads of information on their website,  Personally I find the information on the boat fascinating.  Cavitation is a problem I would not have expected a sail powered boat to encounter  but that is just one of the obstacles that the Vestas Sailrocket team had to overcome.


Apples and Upstate

One of the many great things about growing up in Upstate NY is apple picking season. For my sister and I apple picking was always a fun day climbing trees, substituting apples for snowballs and generally causing trouble while my parents were hard at work actually gathering a harvest for home.

Where we live in Cape Cod there are no apple farms (though we do have a few vineyards!) so I was especially excited returning home for the holidays when my Mom brought out a huge bag of freshly picked apples to turn into Thanksgiving dinner apple crisp.

Today, while waiting for dinner to cook, I decided to make my own batch and was surprised at how quick the desert was to pull together.

Heading further down memory lane I realized that chopping apples tends to remind me of high school when my best friend and I used to bake apple pies as thank you gifts for small favors – such as when my Dad spent an afternoon spent showing her how to change the oil in a car and received a homemade apple pie the next day in return. Much more of an Upstate New York thank you than any gift certificate!Image