Superstorm Sandy


Hurricanes are nothing new to the east coast.  For the years I have lived in Massachusetts we have dealt with the threat of at least one hurricane a year.  Irene in fall of 2011 caused many more problems than originally predicted, primarily due to infrastructure shortcomings rather that extreme weather.  Of course we treated the storm like any self respecting 24 year olds  would, we went boogie boarding and hosted a BBQ on our deck.  It wouldn’t have been fun if we didn’t live it up a little right?  Yep, we were very responsible about that storm. 

The difference with Sandy was that we didn’t loose power, which meant that the “hurricane party” mindset was never fully reached.  We still had our primary electronic means of entertainment and as such didn’t feel the need to weather the storm with others.  Yeah, it was definitely less adventurous than Irene, we didn’t even go boogie boarding.  Additionally there was the possibility that the Cape would actually be hit by the storm instead of simply be affected by it, which is different than previous years.

Even though there are plenty of states in the north-east and mid-atlantic that are still being affected by the storm it’s affects on Cape Cod have been relatively minor. New Jersey and New York City seem to have weathered the worst of the storm.  The very notion that NYC would be hit by a hurricane is amazing.  And, the city seems to still be standing which lends a lot of credibility to the cities ability to survive the incredible.